Horseware Dalmar Eventer Back Boots

Dalmar Eventer Back Boots are tendon protectors with the Air Cooling System.
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Dalmar Eventer Back Boots are tendon protectors with the Air Cooling System. These lightweight leg protectors are suitable for the horse's hind legs and offers maximum protection. The Dalmar Eventer tendon protectors are fitted with Carbon and the Air Cooling System. In contrast to standard bandages and tendon protectors, the Dalmar Eventer does not seal off the leg and prevents overheating. The Air Cooling System conducts cold air through the protector, so the tendons remain cool while moving. The tendon protectors are made of plastic of graphite-like carbon and reinforced with Carbon. Dalmar Carbon is a very strong material with low thermal expansion and density. Carbon transforms to long strands of material consisting of accumulated carbon atoms. The Dalmar Carbon Fibre Strike Protection divides the impact of a hit over the entire protector and protects the bending and inner tendons, bone and ball-joint. The Dalmar Technology by Horseware are the most developed protectors in the world to prevent injuries to your horse. With the materials that are the latest development in Formula 1 and Space technology, Dalmar was able to apply the benefits towards the horse's best protection, without adding too much weight. A lightweight tendon protector that strongly absorbs shocks for injury prevention. Comfortable fit that sits well on the leg. Easy to attach with the strong Velco rapid-straps. Dalmar leg protectors are suitable for training or competition in different disciplines, especially events, dressage, horse-racing and jumping. Available in Medium and Large. Dalmar Eventer Back Boots are also available for protection of the front legs. For (smaller) sizes and other advice/information, refer to the information below and our size chart.

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