Horseware Rambo Lonic Wraps

Rambo Ionic Stable Wraps are inner wraps with Rambo Ionic Technology for inner bandages.
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Rambo Ionic Wraps are inner wraps with Rambo Ionic Technology for inner bandages. The inner wraps have an outside of poly cotton and are filled with 400 grams fiber. The inside of the inner wraps contain Rambo Ionic Technology dots. Ionic is a tourmaline substance with an electrical charge due to finely ground crystal powder. The electrical charge converts air molecules into negative ions. 85% of the ions are absorbed through the skin and 15% through the respiratory tract. The negative ions pass through the body into the bloodstream. The ions in the blood mean that oxygen atoms get smaller and cause the blood vessels to dilate. This results in a better and more efficient blood circulations that transports oxygen, nutrients and serotonin more quickly to cells, organs and muscle tissues. The waste products are removed more quickly and this allows for faster recovery of the body, reduced risk of injury and faster healing of sustained injuries. Using Rambo Ionic inner wraps has many advantages. Ionic Technology also ensures quicker available energy, improvement of concentration, lowering of blood pressure and increasing of collagen. The tourmaline fabric is cold and warmly electric. The Ionic inner wraps have a good effect in horses who suffer from osteoarthritis, swelling, tendon injuries, stable legs and edema. Inner wraps are used for a better pressure distribution and are used under stable, transport or work bandages. The Horseware Rambo Ionic inner wraps are breathable and fits comfortably around the leg. Available in the color black, size Full and Extra Full.

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